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  • BVA series of napthenic oils are manufactured by Calumet refining and are OEM approved.
  • BVA - Parrafinic oil series is chemically and functionally equivalent to a number of Frick oils and many others utilizing severely hydro-treated base oils.


BVA OilsBVA OILS offers the most complete line of refrigeration lubricants for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. With the changes taking place in the market, BVA Oils can supply the proper lubricants for any situation.

BVA oils is the leader in lubricants for low temperature applications.

BVA Refrigeration Oil Series is made from naphthenic base crude oil that is highly refined to provide proper lubrication in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

BVA Refrigeration Oils offers excellent chemical stability when in the presence of refrigerant and other compressor materials. BVA Refrigeration Oils have good thermal stability to ensure good performance at high temperatures as well as excellent low temperature properties to prevent congealing in the evaporator. The oils are also wax-free to prevent floc problems in the evaporator and expansion valve.

BVA 717P Series

BVA 717P Series is a custom-blended, highly refined, dewaxed, chemically inert, semi-synthetic lubricant. It contains additives for oxidation inhibition, corrosion protection, pour point depression, and defoaming. It is widely used for applications where the lubricant is subjected to harsh chemical environments. The additives are especially suitable for ammonia refrigeration applications.

BVATypical applications include process and gas rotary screw compressors and refrigeration applications. BVA 717P Series is especially effective in combating corrosion and promoting long life in ammonia compressors.


BVA offer a complete line of polyalkylene glycols developed for use in Auto A/C systems using R¬1 34a. BVA also has the capability of tailoring the viscosity to meet your specific application.


The BVA RPOE Series offers excellent miscibility with HFC refrigerants. It also has excellent chemical and thermal stability, as well as, superior lubricity characteristics on steel and aluminum. To ensure that BVA has the right polyol ester for your application, the BVA RPOE Series comes in a wide range of viscosities ranging from ISO 22 (RPOE 22) to an ISO 370 (RPOE 220). 

Please visit the BVA Oils website for full product line specifications.

If you are currently using any of the following product types, contact us about the BVA solution that meets your needs.

Product types
Parrafinic Refrigeration oils  
Napthenic Refrigeration Oils
POE Refrigeration oils
PAG Refrigeration oils
AB Refrigeration oils
PAO Refrigeration oils 
POLYGYCOL Refrigeration oils



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